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The Alpine make became a legend thanks to the competition exploits of the A110 which won major rallies the world over during the late 60's and early 70's.

These potent lightweight sports cars are rare and valuable, so why not trust yours to a team with 25 years experience in the Alpine marque?

We have carried out several restorations over the last few years, and we have several entrusted to us for regular servicing and maintenance. 

We can also modify your A110 for improved on-road performance, or fully prepare it to compete in historic or club motor-sport.




The A310 replaced the A110 in the early seventies and was mechanically very similar.  As the years progressed the car changed considerably both in looks and under the skin, with the late cars being much similar mechanically to the GTA which replaced it.

Like the A110 these cars are very rare and also fragile, so expert maintenance is important.  We know these cars as well as anybody else in the UK, with a mint V6 on the fleet.

We can offer up-rated engine, suspension and brake components for road or track use as required.



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